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22nd August 2022

Want to donate to the Foodbank but shop online or can’t get to a donation point?

We now have a solution!

We’ve partnered with Give Today UK, who provide online shops free of charge to Charities like us!

You can find our shop here!

You’ll find a variety of products that we need at various price ranges, so there is something to suit everyone. If you’re not sure what to buy you can check our urgent needs here, or you can check out one of our bundles.

We currently have 5 bundles available, with seasonal ones appearing at the right times of year – think Christmas bundles at Christmas and Ramadan parcels during Ramadan!

Choose from:

Single Person Bundle – (almost*) everything you need to give a Foodbank parcel to 1 person.

Family Bundle – (almost*) everything you need to give a Foodbank parcel to a family of 4.

Child Bundle – including nappies, baby shampoo, baby wipes and more

Household Bundle – including washing powder, washing up liquid and cleaning supplies.

Toiletries Bundle – including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet roll and more


All you need to do is browse the shop add what you want to donate to your basket and then checkout!

Give Today take care of the rest, they deliver the donations straight to our door, so our volunteers can sort them and get them to the Outlets ready to be given to those who need them! It really is that simple, every item you donate goes straight to someone in South & East Bristol who needs it!


*we have removed items such as pasta and tea from the bundles, as we are currently very well stocked on these items





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